• Make sure your Shipping Box or Container is a fair size larger that the item shipped, (not tight to the internal item.) Room must be left for internal packing material.
  • Make sure your Shipping Box or Container has proper internal padding such as “foam peanuts” or “insulating foam panels.”
  • Circuit Boards to be shipped must be packaged in an ANTI STATIC bag prior to being inserted into a shipping box. (This is very important!)
  • Shipping anything with Vacuum Tubes; The tubes must be removed from the chassis and packed seperately.
  • Any Monitor with a CRT should have ample room at the rear of the monitor so the neck of the tube does not get damaged. In some cases, a small jig should be built around the protruding neck. This is fastened securely to the monitor, to prevent shift. (Very small force will damage the neck)

If you are unsure about packing, please call before you ship! Your item is delicate, overlooking small issues may ruin your item.