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Standard Warranty for power supplies is 8 Months.

Warrantys for other repaired items will be stated at the time of repair.


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All repair prices are for a Standard Rebuild. If your unit is a charcoal briquette, you will be notified before repair.


 Hitachi Seiki HS-01 Power Supply, Rebuild Price: $760



Mitsubishi PD21B Power Supply 

Call for current pricing (206)259-9312

Mitsubishi-PD21B-Power Supply-REPAIR-Creative-Design-Components-com_



 Mitsubishi Spindle Drive SF-PW Power Supply

 Call for current pricing (206)259-9312



Mitsubishi Spindle Drive SE-PW Power Supply

Call for current pricing (206)259-9312


Okuma E0451-521-016. Repair-Rebuild price: $870

OKUMA OPUS 5000, E0451-521-016-REPAIR-Creative-Design-Components-com_


Okuma E0451-521-037. Repair-Rebuild price: $870

OKUMA OPUS 5000 GHP, E0451-521-037-REPAIR-Creative-Design-Components-com_


Okuma E0451-521-038. Repair-Rebuild price: $870

OKUMA OPUS 5000 GHP, E0451-521-038-REPAIR-Creative-Design-Components-com_

Okuma E0451-521-046. Repair-Rebuild price: $730

OKUMA OPUS 5000, E0451-521-046-REPAIR-Creative-Design-Components-com_

Okuma E0451-521-051. Repair-Rebuild price: $730

Copy of OKUMA OPUS 5000, E0451-521-051-REPAIR-Creative-Design-Components-com_


Okuma NS24015 Power Supply, Repair-Rebuild Price: $455

NS24015 Power supply

Seiki MPW ED136 Power Supply 1

Seiki MPW ED136 Power Supply 

Call for current pricing (206)259-9312

Seiki MPW ED136, View with lid removed:

Seiki ED136 power supply 2

SLPW ED139-A-1

Seiki SLPW ED139 Power Supply Rebuild Price $775

SLPW ED139-A-2