Mitsubishi CNC, PD21B “Example Rebuild”

Mitsubishi CNC PD21B Power Supply Service “Explanation.”

Here we have a Mitsubishi PD21B “Shindengen version” power supply. The TDK version of the PD21B is visually similar on the outside, but vastly different inside. Most all of these power supplies are at the end of their useful life, and require a rebuild. A proper rebuild is extensive, and requires that a lot of components be replaced in order to be dependable once again. If just one questionable component is left unreplaced, you will face enevitable “down time.”

Here in the picture below, you can see physical damage due to aged components.

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PD21B Service

We, through years of servicing these supplies, have found many of the weak points in the original build by the manufacturer. These “weak points” are rectified to enhance the durability and life span of the supply. Through this process, we can offer a better warranty than our competitors. Both the Shindengen and the TDK version switching power supplies, though vastly different inside, are built very well and designed to last many years with no servicing required. When the PD21B leaves our facility, it has been dynamically tested for “hours” at full capacity, and repeatedly shut down and restarted at time intervals to ensure you end up with a flawless rebuild. Each supply that is rebuilt, has a label that indicates “time tested” and “Voltage and Current limit” adjustments.

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Our thoughts on power supply exchanges:

We see many power supplies here, from many different shops and manufacturing facilitys. Many of the supplies that come in are in “physically” ok condition, and some are rough. They all come in our facility, in various states of being dead. Some of these supplies are so bad, they have holes burned right through the circuit board. Some come from really clean shops, and just require a standard rebuild. This scenerio applies to all power supplies that enter here. All the supplies that leave here all work to factory spec and beyond, but we find that if your nice clean supply gets replaced with a “well used” ugly supply through an exchange program, This usually “for esthetic reasons” makes the customer unhappy. Thus we repair your supply in close to the time it normally takes for an exchange program. This keeps us all happy, and you get your original supply back.

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PD21B Service #2


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