Services “new equipment”

At Creative Design Components, we Repair and Back-Engineer industrial and general electronic circuitry. Below are a few examples:

CNC machine electronics. (component Back-Engineering if needed)

Industrial Induction Heaters.

Monitor Repair.

Power Supplies.

Motherboard Repair.

Test Equipment Repair and Alignment.

Refrigeration control circuitry.

Appliance control circuitry.

RF “radio frequency” circuitry.

Automobile Module Repair and Back-Engineering.

Audio Equipment Repair, Industrial and Studio.

We will also design circuit boards for specific function. If you have a known dead part, and wish to to have a new improved part made, we will back engineer your old part and create a new circuit board. This scenerio is usually encountered when components from your machine are no longer available from the OEM manufacturer. If we have your machine in our facility, and through our troubleshooting stage discover a faulty module “out of production”. We will call and give you the above option.